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CSR policy

CSR: part of our mission and vision

Hygiene-shop.be is the one-stop-shop for all sanitary supplies and the largest supplier of electric hand-drying solutions in the Benelux.

In our operation, neither we nor our employees act in any way contrary to honest business in all its facets. The aim of our company is to build a good relationship with our suppliers, customers, employees and society as a whole. Their needs are central to us. Our relationship with them is one based on trust, open communication, collaboration, and sustainability.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is synonymous with Hygiene-shop.be. In all our activities and processes we take into account climate neutrality, circularity and / or fair chains; future-proof business is, after all, part of our DNA. We systematically strive for social (People), ecological (Planet) and economic (Profit) improvement. People and the environment are central to our search for sustainable solutions, without ever compromising on quality. With these three Ps as the starting point of our company, we make future-oriented choices to not only create economic (added) value, but also generate a positive impact on society and the environment.


As a company we work with the Sustatool of MVO Vlaanderen, which stimulates and supports companies, governments and social organizations in fulfilling their social role. In this way we work on our sustainability policy on a daily basis and we can take further steps in our CSR process.


In what follows, we will elaborate on three themes that lie at the heart of the CSR policy of the Hygiene Shop, namely

  1. our products;
  2. our suppliers;
  3. our daily operation.

Our products


For more and more articles, more sustainable alternatives are available, especially when it comes to sanitation. At Hygiene-shop.be we fully support the range offered. The composition of this is therefore done after thorough consultation with the supplier and after testing with our sustainability requirements. The choice of materials and a sustainable production process are of course a priority.


To simplify communication with our stakeholders, our range is subdivided into different categories based on the size of the ecological footprint. In their search for the perfect solution, we always inform the customer about the impact of the products offered on the environment and provide expert explanation of the different material types.


We assist our customers during every step of the buying process and make them aware of the quality (s) of our products. We inform them about the maintenance procedures so that not only the performance of the product is maintained for a longer period of time, but also the costs for energy consumption and malfunctions are kept low.


Our suppliers


Hygiene-shop.be supplies ecologically responsible and non-environmentally harmful products. In the composition of our range, we have various aspects of paramount importance, in particular

  • the ecological footprint of our suppliers;
  • innovative and sustainable production processes;
  • the durability of the materials used;


By purchasing sustainably, we choose to get the products to our customers in such an environmentally friendly way. For example, we mainly buy in large numbers, or we work with a drop shipping method in order to minimize the transport of goods. We also strive to minimize the use of packaging.


Together with our suppliers, we constantly look for areas for improvement for this process and we always opt for innovative technologies to improve our range.


Our daily operation


Hygiene-shop.be and its employees respect the environment, the living environment and nature. Our company maps the environmental effects it causes, such as the consequences of the production process and the use of materials for air, water, soil and biodiversity, and adjusts the daily organization and operational activities if necessary.


Hygiene-shop.be also complies with all applicable European environmental laws and regulations .


a) Our customers


In our daily operations we constantly strive for an open dialogue with all our partners and we invest in the sustainable development of our organization. After all, we believe that together we can make a difference.


At Hygiene-shop.be, the customer is our focus. Stimulated by their needs, our sales specialists help customers make the right choice. In these discussions we emphasize the following elements:

  • Ecological footprint of the product
  • Durable materials
  • The economic life of the products


b) Our employees


Hygiene-shop.be complies with all applicable European laws and regulations with regard to work and working conditions . The company also has a demonstrable operational policy with regard to the training and development of its employees.

Hygiene-shop.be adheres to the general European safety regulations that the company also applies when carrying out its work and activities.


We also pay the necessary attention to smaller initiatives. For example, in our offices we serve coffee and tea with the Fair Trade quality mark. Fair trade or fair trade promotes sustainable international trade, especially in the export of poor countries to rich Western countries.


c) Waste management


Within Hygiene-shop.be we are actively involved in waste management. We ensure that our waste stream is separated wherever possible.


Our company therefore follows a demonstrable operational policy based on the international policy-making regarding waste and materials with regard to the reduction of waste and its separate processing. To limit the waste flow, we systematically reuse packaging material , as described in the European directives, to prevent unnecessary waste.


We do not use paper unnecessarily. If we use it, it is paper from forests that is managed according to the Forest Steward Ship Council. By using FSC paper, we contribute to the protection of valuable forests and trees are planted at regular intervals.


d) Sustainable logistics


The logistics process is an increasingly important factor in our e-commerce sector. At Hygiene-shop.be we try to handle this very carefully. Our goal is to reduce the logistics process, among other things by implementing the following action points:

  • the use of software to efficiently bundle deliveries;
  • decrease order frequency by purchasing in larger numbers;
  • send products directly from suppliers to end customer;
  • bundle long-distance loads from different suppliers.


e) Sustainable mobility


As a company, we focus on sustainable mobility. Hygiene-shop.be opted for electric vehicles within the company.


When choosing the right transport partner, we specifically looked for a company that, just like us, attaches importance to sustainable mobility. We have found a suitable partner for this who brings our products to the customer in a CO2 neutral way, namely DPD .


f) Sustainable communication


At Hygiene-shop.be we said goodbye to paper documents and opted for sustainable digital communication. All information transfer is done electronically.


The benefits of this sustainable way of communicating are obvious; digital communication ensures that we reduce paper consumption and thus protect the environment.


g) Sustainable energy


Energy at Hygiene-shop.be is generated in an ecologically responsible way. We use the most recent, innovative and, above all, environmentally responsible techniques for this.


We aim to have all electricity generated by solar panels in order to reduce our CO2 emissions. We use a sustainable heat pump for heating.


In our offices and the warehouse, the lighting was replaced by energy-efficient lighting with a much longer lifespan.


Our storage facility is equipped with a rainwater well that offers a sustainable alternative to the water supply from, among other things, the plumbing. The toilets are equipped with 100% recycled toilet paper and ecological hand dryers, as these are responsible for 80% less CO2 emissions than paper hand drying solutions. We also use rainwater for the majority of the water supply, thanks to a purification system.


h) Recycling


In an effort to make our customers part of our ecological approach, we offer them the possibility to return their old products so that we can ensure that they are professionally repaired and, if necessary, recycled in a responsible, ecological way. . We respect European legislation in this process.